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Opening November 11th, 2023, come visit the first exhibit at our new location titled

101 Jewish Long Islanders

Jewish Historical Society of Long Island and Sid Jacobson JCC are proud to announce the re opening of the Long Island Jewish History Museum and the new exhibit "101 Jewish Long Islanders". This immersive experience celebrates a selection of well known celebrities and lesser known individuals who were raised on Long Island or at some point in their lives called Long Island home. Through a collection of artifacts, displays, and biographies you will delve into the lives of these noteworthy Jewish Long Islanders who have excelled in fields ranging from arts and entertainment to fashion, sports and the military. As you explore this engaging exhibit, gain a deeper understanding of the profound influence and lasting legacies of these 101 Jewish individuals who have left an indelible imprint that started on Long Island. 

Sid Jacobson JCC
300 Forest Drive
East Hills

Saturdays 11:15am - 2:15pm, Sundays 3pm - 6pm

Admission to the Long Island Jewish History Museum is free and brought to you by

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 photo: Jewish Brotherhood of Kings Park,  1923 

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